Chihauhua and Rottweiler dogs holding bowls in their mouth waiting for some home-made dog treats

Homemade Dog Treats

Preservative and Salt-free

Homemade every week

so they’re always fresh!

A selection of home-made dog treats,biscuits, dried liver and chicken necks and four meat muffins.

I would just like to let you know that Abby,
is hooked on your homemade dog treats, she will not even
look at the previous treats I purchased for years.
I have just placed another order, Many thanks from Abby.

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    Homemade Dog Treats, Preservative & Salt-Free, made with Home-Style Goodness!

    Homemade dog treats, Oven-Baked and Natural. Hand-crafted from clean, fresh, locally sourced farm ingredients. It’s all the attention to detail that goes into creating the healthiest and the best dog treats. Plus all the love and care possible we put in is the reason why dogs prefer Zoe’s treats over all the rest.

    Photograph of Deb, Rob and their dog Zoe.

    Homemade Dog Treats with honesty and integrity. These are the backbone principles of Zoe’s Doggy Treats. We aim to produce handmade, healthy, pure products for all dogs to enjoy. Also, essential to us is to provide a customer service that is second to none. When you contact Zoe’s, you’re dealing directly with the people who have personally made all the treats, Deb & Rob.

    Debra & Robert Adams
    Young girl laying down with two young Huskies in her arms
    Two Springer Spaniels receiving a home-made dog biscuit treat

    Not sure which one of our yummy
    treats your little one would like?

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