Dogs Health and Oral Hygiene

  • These days, the choices of prepared artificial foods for our dogs is overwhelming, and it is easier for us to just purchase a tin or some dry food for our dogs and think that we are feeding them the best we can because that is how marketing works on us.

  • While all this processed food may be balanced and have added vitamins, it is not a natural diet for our canine friends.

  • Large numbers of dogs these days are being presented to veterinarians with varying degrees of periodontal and health issues, such as sore gums, rotten teeth, dogs breath, arthritis, tumours, cancers and skin allergies, mainly due to the fact their diet has only ever been processed food.

  • Dogs require fresh meaty bones to massage their gums and remove the tartar and plaque buildup from their teeth and for ultimate oral hygiene.

  • The best diet we advocate for your dog`s optimum health is fresh raw meaty bones every day. Meaty bones that require your dog to use all of their teeth to rip, tear and crunch are best.

  • Larger dogs require larger raw meaty bones, e.g. turkey necks, chicken frames, kangaroo tail, lamb shanks or necks, whole rabbit carcasses, etc.

  • You should never give your dog cooked bones.

  • If your dog tends to gulp and swallow, never give them bones that have sharp pointy ends as these can splinter and get caught in their throat or intestines.

  • Tough natural chewy treats such as pigs ears, snouts and jerky's that require a good long chew may also be beneficial for their oral hygiene.