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Yes, we do. We bake all biscuits and muffins in our kitchen and use our Safe Food Queensland-approved processing facility for all our dried protein treats.

Yes, depending on the flavour and size, 0.5-1.0 grams of fat per dog biscuit.

Yes. Depending on the flavour, there would be 1-2 grams of fat per dog muffin.

No! We are against using preservatives, colourings or chemicals as these are detrimental to your puppy dog’s and pussy cat’s health.

We never add salt to any of our dog products. The only salt traces found come naturally from the ingredients, which would be so minimal that no harm could come from it.

Our biscuits have a shelf life of 3-4 weeks if kept in an airtight container. The shelf life will increase if refrigerated and longer if frozen.

As the muffins, are of a cake-like consistency, they require refrigeration, including vacuumed packets and should last several weeks. Therefore, we recommend freezing any unopened vacuumed packs until needed.

This varies from product to product and depends mainly on the natural fat content in the individual dog treat. So keep enough doggy goodies in the fridge for a week’s supply and freeze the rest until needed. Doing this will last until fido entirely consumes your bulk purchase.

Unlike what you can buy off the shelf in supermarkets or pet stores, our dog treats are all-natural treats (a single ingredient). No chemicals or other means get added to prolong the shelf life of our dog treats. Therefore, they must be cared for like any raw meat you buy for them or yourself.

Yes, all our treats are suitable for cats. We never use chemicals or preservatives on or in our pet treats. As we make all our products here in Queensland from locally sourced ingredients, our pet treats never need to go through an irradiation process that all imported meat treats must go through.

The difference between dog and cat treats you buy from supermarkets or pet stores is the chemical preservatives that give the treats a long shelf life. Dogs are more tolerant to these chemicals used. However, cats are not. The chemicals used on dog treats can be very harmful, if not deadly, to cats. Therefore, commercially-produced cat treats are treated with less toxic chemicals for the feline fraternity.

Apart from here online, if you are fortunate to live in the far north, you can purchase our doggy treats from one of the many weekend markets we attend.

Consider your dog’s daily food intake when treating your pet. Doing so will help avoid any overweight issues affecting your dog’s health.

 Our organ meat treats are an excellent way to add some extra vitamins and minerals to their meals. 20% of a dog’s diet should come from organ meats; however, only 5% of any particular organ meat should make up this 20% ( 4 different organ types of meat = 20%)

We pack all orders into 250gram vacuum pack bags no matter the quantity. So, for example, a one-kilogram order will equal four individual packets, making your bulk order much easier to store and handle.

We use Australia Post Express satchels. These are the most trusted and reliable methods for delivery to your doorstep. They are entirely trackable for you and us.

We aim to have your order posted within two days from receiving your order and, in most cases, the same day. Sometimes we have to make fresh batches of your dog treats as the demand for our healthy treats is strong, so there may be a slight delay before mailing. We will keep you informed of any delays.

Yes, You can find the prices we offer on any product page where the costs are reduced by the amount you order.

No, we do not. We are a boutique dog treat business that produces all products by hand. Therefore we cannot make enough dog treats to offer wholesale pricing.

Firstly they are hand-made by us, not mass-produced by machinery.

Secondly, only human-grade locally sourced organic ingredients go into our products.

Thirdly, No chemicals, preservatives, colourings, salt or sugars get used

in the production of our healthy doggy treats.

No, we do not, however, we do offer discounted posting for orders over one kilogram and this reduces by the amount you order.

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