Healthy Dog Treat Menu

Zoe’s menu of healthy dog treats consist of Natural and oven-baked dog biscuits and meaty muffin treats. Handmade without preservatives or harmful chemicals. Designed and created to give your dog a little bit of happiness every day.

Natural Dog Treats

Zoe’s range of Natural dog treats is a small representation of foods that dogs would have found to eat in the wild. Produced from fresh proteins and raw organ meats sourced from local farms here on the Atherton Tablelands.

Oven Baked Dog Treats

Zoe’s oven-baked dog treats have been handcrafted using specially formulated healthy dog treat recipes devised from research into dogs nutritional requirements with advice from a qualified pet nutritionist. Using only fresh, healthy ingredients and designed to appeal to dog’s two greatest senses, taste and smell.

Dogs don’t really care how fancy the treat looks. It is the taste that truly matters to them.
Dog’s sense of smell is 40 times greater than ours, given that, they can quickly detect any nasty chemicals commonly used by commercial pet food companies. If it smells strange, they will not eat it.

Tail Wagging Guarantee

The freshness and quality of our products are essential to us, with this in mind, we are confident there are more than one of our fresh, healthy dog treats in Zoe’s menu that will get your dog’s tail wagging, if not, let us know, and we’ll send something special that does!

Our return policy guarantees a full refund on their return if you’re not happy with the freshness of Zoe’s doggy treats.

Meaty Dog Muffins

Homemade Gourmet Dog Biscuits

Natural Dog Treats

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