Our Handcrafted Dog Treats

A combination of natural treats, oven-baked dog biscuits and meaty dog muffins make up the list of healthy dog treats we produce. All handmade healthy and fresh and to give a little piece of happiness every day.
Fresh local Ingredients

Fresh Dog Treats

From farm to table best describes how we do it. Processed and baked in small batches weekly from locally sourced, quality ingredients. We do this to ensure our healthy dog treats will always be as fresh as if you just made your own. Therefore, we never need to add preservatives or salts to any of our dog treats because of this weekly production. 

Healthy Natural Treats

We take fresh proteins and organ meats and transform them into easily manageable natural dog treats. These then can be the perfect ingredient to use to supplement their diet. Thus adding vital nutrients required for a healthy life. In particular, broken or cut into a selection of healthy natural dog treats, chicken breast and necks, kangaroo jerky, beef heart and liver and dried fishsmaller pieces, they make the ideal training aid, as dogs love the natural flavours. Or just for rewarding good behaviour. Dried meats would have to be the healthiest dog treats naturally for all those purposes. 

Fresh raw protiens
A metal dog bowl filled with meaty dog muffins

Tasty Oven-Baked Treats

At Zoe’s, we don’t believe in following the “pack”. Our homemade recipes, coupled with fresh meats and healthy ingredients, appeal to a dog’s natural senses. Your dog’s sense of smell and taste buds are far superior to ours. Dogs don’t care how fancy the treat looks; they don’t see colours the same as us. Instead, they prefer to rely on their sense of smell to determine if they will eat the dog treats you offer to them.

Organic and Homemade

We bake seven different flavoured dog biscuits in three sizes. We can be positive; if your dog loves biscuits, there are a least one of these homemade crunchy dog treats that we take their fancy. If not all of them.

Dog Muffins, or as we call them Mutfins, will have them drooling in anticipation. Beef, Chicken and the all-time favourite Liver. All baked with fresh meat make these a real treat at afternoon tea time. 

Assorted homemade dog biscuits

Ordering and Posting

All Zoe’s products come available from 100 grams quantities up to two kilograms or more. All orders will be Vacuum packed into 250 grams amounts for your convenience., (e.g. 1 kilogram of treats come in four individual 250 gram vac pacs). Your healthy doggy treats will then be posted using express satchels, and arrive within days of your order being placed. 

Our Product Tail Wagging Guarantee

We firmly believe your dog’s tail will be wagging for our healthy treats. Above all, is the freshness and quality of our products that is most important to us.

If you’re not satisfied with the freshness of our products, please contact us with your concerns so we can resolve any issues you may have encountered with our products.