Homemade Dog Biscuits

Homemade dog biscuits, hand-crafted with all the goodness and flavours your dog should have. Only fresh organic produce goes into our oven-baked doggie biscuits, given them the taste we’re sure your dog will love. No added salt, preservatives or sugars, with our high protein and low-fat recipes, produces a healthy dog biscuit that all dogs will enjoy. 

Dog Biscuit Flavours 

We have refined these seven great flavours after years of baking dog biscuits. Deciding which one is their favourite will be a difficult choice for your dog. 

There is Kangaroo for those that like a rich venison taste.

Beef and Chicken biscuits for meat lovers.

For the dogs that love their fish, we have biscuits made with fresh ocean-caught Tuna.

Along with liver biscuits to add some organ meat flavour and goodness to the list.

There is Cheese and Vegetables for cheese lovers (most dogs).

Plus, we have Oats and Molasses biscuit, which is full of necessary vitamins and Minerals

Dog Biscuit Sizes

Every dog biscuit flavour we make comes in three ideal sizes. Small, Large, and extra large for those big boys and girls. We’ll let you decide which one is just right for your dog.

Dog biscuits direct from our kitchen to yours.

So the seven great-tasting dog biscuits will always be fresh; we bake new batches every week. Plus, we add an extra crunch by baking every batch twice. Weekly cooking keeps us with a supply of new doggie biscuits for all our house, markets and online sales. In addition, we don’t have to use any nasty chemicals that may harm your dog.

Dog Biscuits made from farm-fresh produce.

“Farm-to-table” best describes our home-baked products. All the ingredients we bake into our dog biscuits come from local farms and suppliers. For many years now, farmers have grown their produce in the rich fertile soils here in Malanda. Living close to these farms means we can choose the finest ingredients. By using these fresh, clean products, we create the healthiest and best treats for dogs.

Ingredients that Makes Zoe’s Dog Biscuits No1

  • Bone Broth.
  • Free-range eggs laid by our chickens.
  • Fresh meats.
  • Freshly farm-grown veggies.
  • Locally produced cheese.
  • Molasses is rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Organic Seaweed Meal.
  • We make a high-protein biscuit mix from brown rice flour, crushed oats and unprocessed bran.
  • Cold-pressed sunflower oil is made from sunflowers grown on farms here in Malanda. 

Where Can You Buy Our Doggy Biscuits?

You can buy our dog biscuits here online or from one of the weekend markets we frequently attend. However, if you’re lucky enough to live nearby, you can drop in and buy direct from our kitchen. Please call first as we may be out to choose fresh ingredients for our next batch of quality dog biscuits.

Homemade Dog Biscuit Pack Sizes

Pack sizes for our homemade dog biscuit range from 250 grams right up to whole kilograms. We offer a discount on the posting for large orders. All orders get vacuumed packed for freshness. To make your purchase easy to handle and for storage, we divided it into 250-gram amounts. So when you buy a one-kilogram of doggie biscuits, you will get four 250 gram vacuumed packets.

Things Zoe’s won’t do with Dog Biscuits.

Dog biscuits with sugar coatings and pretty colourings are what we don’t do. All those sugars and food dyes can be very harmful to your dog’s overall health, e.g. skin issues. So they should not be giving to your dog regularly. And besides, dogs do not see colours the way we do. Dogs only see colours in shades of yellow, blue and grey. So most dogs we know reject these fancy biscuits, as they’re not to their tastes. Another thing is, we do not use is printed packaging. Because we don’t believe in dressing up our dog treats with wasteful, pricey bags. In this way, we keep our packaging cost low so we can spend more on quality ingredients to make healthier dog biscuits.

How Many Doggie Biscuits Can They Have?

As our dog biscuits are a treat, we recommend only one or two per day. When they join you for your morning or afternoon tea, a Zoes’ dog biscuit is a healthier choice for them. The first thing you should do is calculate all treats into their daily diet. Dogs weekly food intake should be no more than 20% of their ideal body weight. For example, if your dog weighs 10 kilograms, their weekly diet is 2 kilograms of food. This calculation equates to 286 grams of all food per day. So, it would help if you deducted the weight of all daily treats given from their main meal.Being diligent with their food, homemade dog biscuits and treats will keep them in their optimum weight range. Testing has proved, if dogs stay within their ideal weight range, they live longer and have fewer health issues. Note: The above calculations should be used only as a guide. Your dog’s breed, age, and activity may change exactly how much you feed them. Plus the type of food you provide them. If you are unsure of what weight they should be, talk to your vet. Monitor your dog’s weight and adjust their diet as needed.