Natural Treats

Natural Treats for dogs should only come from a single ingredient, nothing else added or blended. Therefore, this means any protein/meat that dogs would typically eat, e.g. beef, chicken, fish or even kangaroo. Here at Zoe’s, this is exactly what we do. We take these single ingredients whether it be Beef, Chicken or any other of the meats then transform them into manageable natural treats. 


We live in a prime agriculture region that gives us access to some of the best products available. It is from here we selected fresh, raw meats/proteins to create our range of preservative-free natural dog treats. 


These proteins contain the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy life. Using these natural treats as rewards for good behaviour or as a training aid on a daily basis is the very best you can do. 


From farm to our door is where the processing starts for our selection of natural treats. Firstly removing all visible fat possible by hand. Then carefully slice the meats into strips ready for dehydrating. The slow drying times vary up to 40 hours, depending on the meat variety used. This drying procedure enhances the rich flavours genuinely loved by all dogs, while at the same time, locking in all those vital nutrients needed for a healthy life. 

Fresh Natural Treats

Zoe’s natural treats are the freshest available as each product is processed every week. A few days after processing, your dog’s goodies arrive at your doorstep via express post. You can’t buy fresher natural treats than that anywhere else! 


Our healthy natural dog treats will never be available in supermarkets or pet stores as we use no preserving before or after processing. The overuse of chemical and natural preservatives taint the flavours of natural meats. As a result of this overuse, they could be harmful to your pet’s well being. For all these reasons, our treats can only be purchased here online or from one of our regular weekend markets. 

As all the processing is done in-house, with fresh local ingredients, we assure you that our homemade natural dog treats are:-
1. Australian made.
2. Free of preservatives, salt, colourings and chemicals.
3. The freshest and healthiest dog treats you can buy online.