September Special, Kangaroo Jerky Dog Treats

Kangaroo Jerky for dogs in large and small bite size

Zoe’s Monthly Specials

Zoe’s Monthly Specials change every month, so all dogs have the opportunity to get their favourite treat or try a new one at a reduced price. Also, you can stock up as there is no limit to how much they buy. Plus, take advantage of these monthly specials as many times as you like throughout the entire month. Start saving NOW! on their favourite treats


A paw-somely great tasting and healthy all-natural treat for your dog that is free from antibiotics added growth hormones and added chemicals.

Supplied by a local, ethical and registered producer, we process the raw product then implement a slow air-drying process that locks in all the abundant minerals and vitamins that kangaroo meat has to offer. Kangaroo has up to 5 times the level of omega-6+3’s fatty acids compared to other meats; High in protein, iron, zinc and only 2 percent fat.

2 Kilograms only……$91.45

1.5 Kilograms only.… $69.95
1 kilogram only……… $48.15

750 grams only……… $38.50
 500 grams only……… $26.25

250 grams only..……. $15.55

100 grams only……… $8.20

*Available in Bitesize or Chew size (please specify in special instruction box)