Natural Dog Treats


To enable us to make our natural dog treats healthy and delicious for all dogs to enjoy, we first solicitously select the freshest quality beef, organic chicken, kangaroo, fish and pork products from local and highly reputable, certified organic farmers, sustainable fisherman and ethical Kangaroo meat suppliers. Then by hand, we heedfully remove as much visible fat as possible. After preparing the raw products, we implement a slow air-drying process locking in all the rich vitamins, minerals and qualities fresh meats have to offer; this process also intensifies the flavours of these natural proteins. All these precise measures make it possible for us to provide highly nutritious, low in fat healthy doggy treats that are uniquely different from Supermarket and Pet Store warehouses, so we can honestly guarantee that puppy dog tails will wag.

Because we do all the processing in-house ourselves using locally grown Australian ingredients, we give our assurance that our home-made dog treats are:-

100% Naturally the healthiest treats anyone can give to a dog.
100% Australian grown and processed products.
100% Free of preservatives and chemicals.