Natural Dog Treats

Zoe’s natural dog treats are the absolute healthiest treat to reward your dog for good behaviour or to use as a training aid; this is compared to anything you could by from supermarkets, pet stores or online. The reason we say this is because, we make all that we sell!

Firstly, we source the raw products from local organic farms, sustainable fisherman and certified producers across the Far North’s fertile farming lands and the pristine coastal waters. Next, we start removing all visible fat before preparing the meat to be placed on drying trays. The slow drying procedure we implement varies up to 40 hours depending on the proteins; this enhances the flavours and locks in all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients your fur baby needs for a healthy and vitality-filled life. We do small batches on a weekly basis ensuring that our products arrive at your doorstep as fresh as if you had just made them yourself. We do all this processing without applying salts or harmful preserving chemicals. For this reason, you will not find our healthy dog treats on the shelves in supermarkets or pet stores as they require pet food products to have a long shelf life and a long shelf life will only be achieved by using harmful preservatives. Therefore those dog treats may be months or even years old.

Zoe’s preservative and salt-free dog treats may require a little more care to maintain them in their optimum condition. However, the health of our four-legged loved ones is worth that extra care after all.

As we do all the processing in-house ourselves using locally grown ingredients, we give assurance that our home-made doggy treats are:-

100% Australian grown and made.
100% Free of preservatives, salt and colourings.
100% The freshest and healthiest dog treats you can buy.

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