Healthy Dog Treat Products

Zoe’s Products consist of natural treats, oven-baked dog biscuits and meaty dog muffin treats. All handmade fresh and healthy to give a little piece of happiness every day.


We produce all the dog treats by hand listed on Zoe’s products menu. Prepared in small batches weekly from locally sourced, quality ingredients. By doing this, ensures they will always be as fresh as if you just made your own. Because of this weekly production, we never need to use preservatives or salts.

Zoe's Menu of Natural dog Treats

Healthy Natural Treats

Quality products made from fresh, clean, natural proteins and organ meats. Perfect for supplementing their diet with the vital nutrients required for a healthy life. As well as being the ideal training aid, as dogs love the natural flavours. Or just for rewarding good behaviour. Dried meats would have to be the healthiest treats naturally for all those purposes.


Tasty Oven Baked Products

At Zoe’s, we don’t believe in following the “pack”. Our homemade recipes, coupled with fresh meats and quality ingredients, appeal to a dog’sZoe's Menu of oven baked dog treats natural senses. Dogs don’t care how fancy the treat looks. Instead, they prefer to rely on their sense of smell to determine if they will eat what you offer them.

Meaty Dog Muffins

Homemade Muffins for dogs, Using real meats, Chicken, Beef and LiverThree Meaty Dog Muffins
Meaty Dog Muffins

Homemade Gourmet Dog Biscuits

Mixed flavoured homemade dog biscuitsin a bowl,
Mixed dog biscuits in a bowl

Natural Treats

best dog treats

Gift Bags

Trial Packs

Treat Trial Pack
Treat Trial Pack


Every month Zoe picks a yummy treat to discount for the entire month.

 this month’s special is…

Ordering and Posting

All Zoe’s products come available from 100 grams quantities up to two kilograms or more. All orders will be Vacuum packed into 250 grams amounts for your convenience. Your healthy doggy treats will then be posted using express satchels, and arrive within days of you placing your order.

Our Product Tail Wagging Guarantee

Most important for us is the freshness and quality of our products; For this reason, we firmly believe your dog’s tail will be wagging for our healthy treats.
If you’re not satisfied with the freshness of our products, then send them back for a full refund.