Category: Kangaroo Dog Biscuits

These OH SO TASTY hand-crafted dog biscuit treats are made with open range kangaroo hind quarter meat sourced from a registered ethical producer, home-made Kangaroo bone broth, our own free range eggs, fresh organic turmeric and sunflower oil carefully blended together with Zoe’s special high protein biscuit mix. We then double bake them to paw-fection making them tail wagging, mouth drooling and irresistible.
Available in Small, Large & Jumbo sizes.
Kangaroo meat has not only has that gamey flavour our pooches love, it is a terrific source of high quality protein that is impressively low in undesirable saturated and trans fats. Roo meat is also high in heart friendly omega 3 & 6s, minerals, vitamins, Niacin and Riboflavin.

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