Chicken Gizzards

Dried Organic Chicken Gizzard Dog Treats are absolutely delicious treats for your dog or cat.

They are great to use as a high-value reward at training time or can be used in combination with their regular dog food to fill out their diet with all that extra good stuff.

These are some of the most nutrient-dense treats you will find on the market.

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Why chicken gizzards are essential for your dog

Organic Chicken Gizzard Dog Treats is nutrient rich organ meat. Chickens use this small muscle to grind down their food before it passes through to the stomach. Chicken gizzards contain more protein per gram than most other chicken products. Plus, they have various vitamins and minerals, including B12, iron, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and niacin. Also, the high amounts of glucosamine and cartilage found in the gizzards will help support your pet’s joint health.

Raw v dehydrated gizzards

Raw chicken products will go “off” very fast, even in the fridge. In contrast, dehydrating prolongs the shelf life as well as making them more pleasant to handle.

Therefore they become a convenient natural dog/cat treat you can use anywhere any time.

Most importantly, dogs and cats love gizzards.

We trialled them with our taste testers against all our preservative-free organic chicken treats. The results that came back were impressive. There was not a clear winner as such. Each taste tester did have their preferred treat. However, chicken gizzards became equally favoured as much as the rest. 

Like all our ingredients, we use fresh organ chicken gizzards from certified organic farms. These are free of pesticides, herbicides and any added hormones. We use locally sourced produces from farms here on the Atherton Tablelands, so as to keep our ingredients “food miles” down.

These are a single ingredient dog treat. No preservatives, salt or sugars have been added.

When using Chicken gizzard dog treats to supplement your pet’s food, ad no more than 20% of their daily diet. 

e.g. 100 grams of food = 20 grams of Chicken Gizzards

All orders from 250 grams and up come vacuumed packed into 250-gram amounts. e.g. A 1-kilogram order will arrive in four individual packets. Making storing and handling your order of preservative-free dog treats an easy process for you.

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