Chicken Hearts

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Chicken Hearts, a little dried power-packed natural dog treat your dog or cat will love.

Full of vitamins and minerals that can help them stay healthy and fit throughout their entire life.



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Nutritional Information

Chicken Hearts, a nutritious and delicious natural treat with a mild flavour suitable for all canines and felines. In addition, we make them healthier by trimming the fat off before dehydrating.

Organ or Muscle Meat

While the chicken heart is a vital organ, it is made up primarily of muscle meat. This hard-working muscle is high in taurine(amino acid), essential for proper heart and eye health.

Vitamins & Minerals

Essential vitamins found in chicken hearts ranging from B1, B2, B5 and B12.

Vitamin A is also present in smaller volumes.

Equally important, is Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Phosphorus and Copper, the mineral building blocks of a healthy body.

All of which organ meats have reasonable quantities.

Chicken Hearts How Man?

We recommend adding chicken hearts to their weekly intake of all organ meats. Generally, a ratio of 5-10% of organ meats should be part of their weekly diet.

This ratio will ensure that you do not overfeed them with too much vitamin A. This could result in having upset tummies and loose stools.

As Zoe’s Doggy Treats is a chemical-free business, all our treats have no preservatives, sugar, sweeteners or salt added.


All orders will be vacuum-packed into 250-gram amounts to help maintain the freshness of our pet treats.

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