Chicken Jerky

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Home-made chicken jerky treats 100% Preservative-free.

Hand made from Australian local organic ingredients.

The favourite healthy treat for all dogs and cats.

Low in fat and carbohydrates.

Ideal for those with special dietary needs.




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Nutritional Information

Chicken Jerky

Nutritionally, Chicken Jerky made from skinless breast is an excellent product. There is no starch or sugar, which means no carbohydrates. Therefore when calculated as part of their diet, it is less likely to add weight to your dog.


Chicken Breast Jerky is a good source of protein. Along with the Calcium found in the jerky, it will help build a healthy muscle and bone structure.

Fat in Chicken

There is less than one gram of saturated fats in 75 grams of chicken breast. An ideal treat if your dog has special dietary needs or needs to lose weight.

 Vitamins and Minerals

By eating chicken jerky, your dog will acquire Vitamins B5 and B6. These vitamins will boost your dog’s immunity and help fight off infections.

Selenium found in chicken meat is an essential mineral, for this helps to reduce the risk of arthritis in dogs. 

Sodium Content

The good news is that preservative-free chicken jerky contains no salt. A 15-kilogram dog needs only 0.1 gram of salt per day.

Large companies use chemicals to produce a longer shelf life for their products. Most of these chemicals contain high levels of salt. Your dog or cat will get all the salt requirements they need from a healthy natural diet.

 Healthy Chicken Jerky Treats

These are the ones that have no chemicals added during or after production. Chemicals added to the chicken breast during the processing will take away all the goodness it had. 

Be aware of all imported dog treats. These will have some form of chemical contamination as part of their production process. 

To keep our products fresh they will be vacuum-packed into 250-gram amounts for all orders.

Your order will arrive at your doorstep within days of processing.

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