Kangaroo Jerky

Treat your dog to a delicious taste of the Australian outback with our premium Kangaroo Jerky!

Made with lean, natural meat, this protein-rich snack will provide your pup with a nutritious and flavorful addition to its diet.

Plus, it comes in a large chew size for those dogs that prefer to munch on their food rather than eat it.

Our jerky is free of preservatives and has no added salt.

You can be confident you’re providing your pup with the best.

Give your pup a taste of the Australian outback!

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Kangaroo Jerky is natural, lean meat. It is a source of extremely low-fat protein.

  • It contains heart-friendly omega-3s,
  • B group vitamins,
  • zinc and iron.

Essential building blocks of a healthy body, especially important for young growing puppies.

All the raw Kangaroo used is sourced from a registered producer, cut into slices and slow-dried to lock in the vitamins and minerals.

All orders are vacuum-packed into 250-gram amounts for freshness.

This jerky provides a healthy, convenient snack that is tasty, nutritious, and free of antibiotics and hormones.



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