True Testimonials & Rave Reviews of Our Gourmet Dog Biscuits and Treats

Dogs love our gourmet dog biscuits, mutfins and home dried meat/protein treats but are slack at sending emails! So, these are rave reviews of our pet treats from the people who love them most, Zoe’s Doggy Treat’s fur baby owners.

Hear it straight from the horse’s…dog’s… owner’s mouths!


Hi Deb and Rob, my standard poodle Beau passed away recently at the age of fourteen and a half. Your doggy zacs made the last three years of his life great. Beau had health issues. He bloated at the age of nine months and had a gastopexy done, Beau was also diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. He had to follow a very strict diet. No treats. Zoe’s doggy zacs were the only biscuit he could have and tolerated them well and just loved them. He was a gentle giant, untill you handed him a doggy zac. It was snatch and gobble.I wish I had found your doggy zacs sooner. My other healthy poodles are fortunate to be able to enjoy all the menu range you have. A big thank you from the family and of course, the beautiful Beau.

Dale, Atherton Qld


Hi I would just like to let you know that Abby, is hooked on your treats, she will not even look at the previous treats I purchased for years. I have just placed another order , Many Thanks from Abby,
Regards Warwick


Stumbled across Zoe’s Doggy Treats at the Port Douglas markets. We weren’t sure our puppy would eat the treats but was kindly given some samples and true to his word our fussy little puppy loves every bit of the chicken, kangaroo and liver treats!!! Will definitely be buying more!


Hi Rob and Deb

Our parcel arrived today, thank you so much for the fast service, I have recommended you to all my friend especially the picky eaters like my Ruby.

These treats are going to be great for our millions paws walk this Sunday.

Have a great weekend.

Thanks again!



We tried the trial pack and my old pup loves the chicken necks and chicken supreme.

Thanks heaps for such good healthy choices.  I will place an order again.

Kind regards


Hi Rob

Thanks for the fast deliver of my order.

The Supreme chicken is a favorite already with my dogs. It maybe just what we need to reward our Millie after giving her one of her medications. The others were also enjoyed by my Tenterfield Terriers.

Warm Regards


Dear Deb

Thank you so much for your prompt response. We actually ran out on Monday and as our these have been the only suitable training treats for our special boy, I was in a bit of a panic. He is in 3 shows this weekend and we are struggling to find anything equivalent.

We love your liver treats because they they are not rough on his throat.

Have recommended them to several vets as well as many friends.

Keep up the great work.



I just wanted to say thank you! My doggy treats just arrived. Gave a kangaroo bite to my little chihuahua  (who isnt fussed with other dried treats from other stores) and she chewed on it and loved it! Our great dane,who my boyfriend says “is not a fan of treats” demolished the chicken neck when I gave one to him! Big success all round. Thank you for making such high quality, natural treats. I’ll definitely be buying all my future dried treats from you guys.


Hi, Deb, Rob & Zoe,

Thank you for the chat the other day Deb., was great, and thankyou for this  informative email, which i have read out to Peter & Joey, we are all up to speed on Joey’s treats and how lucky is he getting wagyu beef and all its benefits and everything else!!  He is lucky we found you guys.

Thanks for explaining the order you have put together for joey,  looking forward to trying the new gourmet healthy bites!

Brain dead , I Cant remember if i sent through pic of Joey getting and trying his Christmas.???? treat bag we got from you. … attached, if sent previously apologies!

Kind regards

Linda, Peter & Joey

Dear Deb, Rob and Zoe,

Parcel arrived and my Finn (18mth old cavoodle) is in heaven. We had a taste test last night, he couldn’t get enough. Not sure what his favourite is yet, suspect the fish, but just wanted to say a big thank you, I’ll certainly be ordering more in the new year, and recommending to all my friends.

Enjoy this special time of the year,

Lots of love Vikki

Dear Deb, Rob and Zoe,

Thank you for your email.  Yes, it is reassuring to know that Atticus gets the best.  Nothing out of a can for our boy.

Again, thank you for the time and commitment you put into making delicious and healthy treats for our children with paws.


Hi Deb & Rob,

Thank you for the great info on storing your puppy treats. Was wondering about how to keep them fresh. Great tips about freezing and fridge storage. Yes the xmas bag is for my joey border collie so will freeze bag.

So good to find truly  natural pet treats. My husband makes a kangaroo, vege and brown rice stew in bulk for our puppys and freeze it in containers as not happy with rubbish on market.

I buy as natural as possible treats from different companies but am very keen for joey to try your authentic creations, still dont trust quality from commercial brands.

Kind regards,


Scraggy loves the doggy treats!! She says thank you ???????????? definitely made her tail wag 


Our dogs received their express parcel today and said thank you. After giving our dogs these treats I wouldn’t give them anything else they love them.


Dear Deb & Rob,

Pete really loves the chicken supreme, he does a dance across the room on his hind legs to his mat every time he gets some.


Elsie, Loraine and Pete

We purchased your chicken jerky for our Griffy yesterday and he absolutely loves it! He spent yesterday afternoon sitting by the fridge waiting for one of us to open it in the hopes he would get another piece. So glad to have found you and we are happy that our fur baby is getting the best.



Thanks Deb & Rob for your advice & assistance.  I am so happy to have found your website.  Our staffy dog Arnie will love his new treats I am sure of that.  What makes them even better is Australian made & healthy ingredients!  Win win I reckon!!


Thank you!!!

Also thank you for our treats that arrived today!!!

Brandie will be pleased as she was out of her favorites.

Kind regards


Hi Deb and Rob

Thanks for posting it out quickly – normally the last order would still be going but Luke has a newly adopted fur-sister; Sophie the Border Collie has been rescued from a puppy farm as an ex-breeding dog.  She has scoffed so many of his treats he keeps looking at her sideways when the treat box comes out and I’m sure he is wondering ‘what next?’.  I’ve never seen dried chicken strips disappear so quickly into a dog!

We will have an excited boy on Tuesday when the parcel arrives.

Kind regards
Thank you! I am not good at ordering on line didn’t know how to apply for the discount . How lovely you are to give me extra chicken . Typical of you and your wonderful company. I don’t give my dog any other treats as she is sensitive .
Thank you also for the discount on my next order.!
Not sure how I will manage it but I will try .
Tricia and Brandie, my red and tan kelpie!

Sent from my iPhone

Hello Deb and Rob

Thank you both for your excellent dog treats and your fast service. Thank you for the little goodies you send with our delivery. You both run an excellent business you should both be proud of yourselves. We owned our own small business for 20 years plus sold it, been out a year so we know the work involved.

Thank you again Leann and family

Hi Guys

I received my package the day after ordering and just wanted to say you guys really are fantastic and Luna loves your treats!

You have loyal customer in me!

Hope you both have a happy Easter!


Sent from Jen’s iPhone

Dear Deb & Rob,

Thank you the treats arrived safely today.

My little one has already devoured 4 pieces of chicken and 1 biscuit bone!

We ran out a couple of days ago. She goes to the fridge and looks for her treats now.

We don’t use any other treats but yours.

Thanks again for making great products.

Kindest Regards,

Hi Deb and Rob

Its so nice to hear how much you love your rescue dog (and all dogs), they are the best breed. Our Ruby has skin allergies too, and when she gets stressed they get worse. Wouldn’t have them any other way though.
Its crazy the amount of preservatives that go in everything now-days, and way that dog chews (shmakoes) are made – disgusting, what are people doing to their pets?!! Anyway I am so glad that you live in such an amazing and beautiful part of Australia and have the passion to produce good food for doggies everywhere (awesome that you use local produce where you can too! love sustainability!).

FNQ is one of our most favourite places in the world and we are sad that we wont be able to visit Cairns this year, but are planning a trip for the next year. When I brought the treats from your market stall it was because I was feeling very guilty for leaving our fur kids at home! Good thing I did!

I will be sure to join your FB page and will share it with my friends. Please give Zoe a pat from us too.


Hi Deb,

Thanks for the extra free treats!

She would love bite size pieces.

I have taken her off all commercial treats and she only eats yours now as she developed an overload (we believe from preservatives) and had a lot of painful hot spots and itchy skin.

She’s a beautiful German Shepherd and is very spoilt. She has improved greatly and now only eats natural foods and lots of vegetables.

Have a great day!

Thanks again.

Kindest Regards,


Thanks Rob and Deb
Our gorgeous ex-rescue doggy Luke will be thrilled.
He loves your products and it is a treat for us to see him look over a few of Zoe’s treats in a container and choose what he’d like.
Nice to know they are healthy and a great quality product.
Kind regards
Anne Fisher

Many thanks for doggy treats arrived today. One happy pooch and owner. He loves them.
kind regards

My dogs Choochie and Cuja absolutely love your doggy treats and want me to pass that information on to you. They haven’t stopped licking their chops since they’ve had them. They just devour them.

thanks for the lovely treats.

Warmest regards,


Hi Rob and Deb,

You guys have been so wonderful to us thank you so much. Not only do I think your product is fab your customer service goes above and beyond. Thanks for the freebie strip and the 10% off voucher code. If I ever make it back to QLD I am coming to your weekend markets and giving you and Zoe a hug!

From Erin and Benny

Hi Deb
Just some feedback. the dried chicken supreme is a great success. I wonder if William was always given naturally dried chewy foods as he rejects anything commercially made!!!
A gentleman of taste.

Hi Rob and Deb,
Thanks very much. As always extremely efficient service. Far too fast for far North Queensland!  Haha.
The dogs have caught on to food parcels arriving, so now every parcel we get from the post man has to be first inspected as may contain yummy goodies!!

Kind regards,

Hi there

Maggie and Morphy love your great products, their obedience and agility trial season is starting up again, and as I am time poor working fulltime, training & trialling M&M and caring for the agility widower, am always on the look out for good dog treats.  Adding to this I am not a meat eater & struggle handling raw meat like chicken and offal.  While one dog is toy focused my other dog is food focused so it is vital I use highly appealing treats that are nutritious, safely made & local.  Zoe’s Doggy Treats meets all these criteria with the dehydrated range such as the chicken necks.  Week days I use pruning shears to chop the chicken necks into smaller pieces & on trial days a great run scores a whole one. Thank you for your product range and all the best

Maggie and Morphy

Thank you Rob and Deb for your fantastic treats and your service is the best


Hi there,
I was on my honeymoon in Port Douglas in January and stopped by the market and bought my puppy Murray some fish bites and chicken supreme. He LOVES them. Will do anything for them. And they made it back to Melbourne with no problems!


Thanks for your help. My dogs absolutely love your treats! And taking them off the preservative treats has made a huge difference to their skin.

Sent from my iPhone

Good morning Deb & Rob,

I just wanted to thank you very much for my order that I received yesterday.

Jed was thrilled to have a ‘chicken fancier’ again. When we were last in Port, April this year, we replenished our supplies, but these didn’t last long!! Jed has been waiting patiently for me to do another order of your delicious goodies, so now he’s a happy dog again. Also thank you for the added treat of the dried Chicken Necks, I’m sure they won’t last too long!

Thanks again and see you again next April, we are next in beautiful Port!


Vicki J

Hi Rob and Deb,

Thanks for posting out our order.
Both me and Baxter are very happy with the treats.  We love that they are preservative free.  A dog trainer in Sydney (Lisa at K9) recommended you to us.  She is a big fan and I can see why.



Dear Zoe’s Dog Treats
It was such a big surprise today when the mailman brought me this postbag with the Dog Treats for my two dogs, they must’ve have
smelled it even outside the bag, they were all over me to open the bag they couldn’t wait!!!! When I started to give bits of each they just loved it so much they keep asking for more! This is wonderful I am so happy that they love this. I will Order as soon as these are finished, you do a
fantastic job by making all these beautiful treats for the dogs, any dog will love this and it is so good for their health too, my dogs and my cat are my children, I don’t have any children so they are everything in my life and I love them so much, they are always with me inside my place.
Many Thanks Again
Amanda van Vuuren
Thanks from Snoopy my boy and Blackie my girl they say everything is yummy!!!!!

Dear Rob and Deb

My latest parcel has arrived and I am most grateful.  My dad tried to smuggle it in without me seeing it, but to no avail.  I could smell the rich aroma!  Mum has put my treats into the deep freeze to take out as required. She also thinks that I do not know, but I shall be watching each time that she goes to the freezer.

Thank you for your swift response.

Wagging tails,


All dog owners know that buying dog treats online can mean stale, nasty dog biscuits and poor customer service.  That’s why we make sure all Zoe’s gourmet dog biscuits, mutfins and dried meat treats are packed for freshness and customer satisfaction (yours too!).

Hi Rob and Deb,

Thank you for your email and such a quick dispatch of my order.  Tilly loves everything I have purchased so far and a big thank you for the dried Chicken necks  too, appreciate that.  Your products are great for Tilly, she has problems with her kidneys and she can’t have salt.

Thanks again.


Reviews of our Dog Biscuits at Puppy Pre-School

Zoe’s Dog Treats healthy, preservative free, vet approved recipes make them the the only choice for puppy treats.  If your puppy (or naughty boy!) is at pre-school, Zoe’s gourmet dog biscuits will have her sitting to attention!

“Hamish is a scallywag but I can get him to sit up and beg for Zoe’s Doggy Treats Chicken Lovers Biscuits!  Deb’s advice to use the biscuits as training treats have worked a treat!
Thanks Deb.

My puppy was becoming very disobedient, a friend told me about Zoe’s liver treats. Since then I have been rewarding her with these and she has become very well behaved.

Read more of our customers reviews:-

I recently visited your beautiful country and purchased a variety pack of your doggie muffins for my dog. I was at the Sunday market in Port Douglas and I’m sure the man I chatted to said that you are able to ship to the UK. My Westie, Hetty loved the muffins nearly as much as I love your country.

Many thanks

Karen and Hetty Davies

About a month or so ago,  while up from Sydney to see our daughter,  we bought some Zoe’s Dog Treats for our dog Roley.   He can’t tolerate much animal protein in his diet or he comes out in a rash.  We tried him on the gentle non-allergenic treats we bought and he loves them – and no rashes.

Many thanks,

I am writing to let you know that my dog LOVES your treats! We have just arrived home from a holiday in Port Douglas and brought some of your bikkies home as an apology to my little pooch. He is an extremely fussy eater and will turn up his nose at almost everything…. One sniff of your Cheese and Vegie biscuit and he was in love- it barely touched the sides on the way down. Less than five minutes later, I have found my way to your website to place an order. I hope to see your goodies in my local pet shop soon.

Warm regards,

I purchased some dried liver today from the port Douglas markets and the gentlemen actually gave me a broken liver mutfin. I explained to the gentlemen that my dogs are fussy as hell, being chiwawas (can’t spell it) and all. When I got home I broke off piece by piece the mutfin and they absolutely…….. Loved it.

Anyway just wandering whether I can buy these treats somewhere in cairns.









Hi Rob & Deb,

We live in Japan. We bought this doggy biscuits for our dog’s present, when we visited to Australia. Our dog Mayuge & Ame like this doggy biscuits very much!
Every day, they ask us “please give it to me!”.

We think it is good if we can buy this in Japan.

We wonder that we go back again to Malanda.
Please take care of your health.

Kana & Toru



I just wanted to drop you guys a line to say a big thank you for making such great treats. I arrived home yesterday after spending a week in Port Douglas and went to the market the day after arriving and stopped at your stall and chatted the the lovely man, i got talking to him and as i had just left my beautiful dog the day before was still feeling horrible and he was so happy to talk about my dog with me and her needs. My little girl has allergies and i am VERY careful as to what treats she is fed, in addition i prefer to know what is in the treats. I am sorry, i can’t remember the man’s name but he was so helpful answering all my questions and understanding that i was already missing her. So to get to the good bit, i gave her the first biscuit last night and she LOVED it, today no itching!!! So she was given another one today and it is a nice treat to give her while she is following me around like a shadow since i have come home! It’s such a shame i didn’t buy more than the one packet whilst i was up there. So i just wanted again to say a very big thanks for making such a great product and we will definitely buy again!!
Thanks all the way from Melbourne – Kelly & Tayah (the dog)!

Hi, Just wanted to let you know my sister just bought a packet of your dog biscuits today at the Port markets..  I too have a have a little dog “saved” from the council pound who is just beautiful..  I was buying other “store bought” chews from the super market..  But not anymore.. you have just won over another happy customer.. Thank you will be shopping again soon when this packet runs out..

Jeannine & (Basil)  🙂

I recently purchased some of your small dog biscuits from the Tank markets when I was holidaying in Cairns and my puppy loves them. As a result I would like to purchase some more if possible.

My parents live in Cairns and are travelling to visit me in Brisbane next week and I was wondering if there was anyway I could get them to pick up some biscuits from you to bring with them.



Hi There,

I brought some large bicky doggy treats over the weeked at the markets in edge hill my dog loves them.. How long do the bickys last and just wondering if u’ll be there in november so i can stock up

If you could get back to me that would be great.

Thanks heaps.. Great to find something I don’t have to beg them to eat.


“I met Rob at the Port Douglas markets and he explained how he and Deb make all their Doggy Treats at home with fresh ingredients. I decided to take a mixed bag of biscuits home for my dog Boof who leaves packet snacks half eaten, and he ate them all!”


Zoe’s Doggy Treats famous service

“When you buy our dog treats online we make sure all Zoe’s gourmet dog biscuts, mutfins and our home dried treats are packed for freshness and customer satisfaction (yours too!)

Hello folks, just to inform you that yes today I received Zena’s treats that I ordered last friday. Wow they arrived down here in victoria so quickly. She just gobbled up the dried chicken necks with relish along with some muffins.

I just want to congratulate you all for the marvellous customer service, with your prompt attention to delivery & yes I will be ordering from your company again.

Cheers Trina n Zena


DEB. Thank you so much for your swift reply, thank you so much we will really keep giving them to her, the processed ones are a problem so great  to hear the products you use.

We certainly recommend them to our friends.

Regards  Rosalie


Thank-you so much I recieved the parcel today and the kids (4legged) could smell them in the car straight away so they approve.  Thank-you for promped service and we will be reordering.

Regard Raelene


Thanks a million Rob, you guys just keep getting better and better.

She just had one of the lighter ones and just kept wagging…. i refuse to buy anywhere else now i have you guys… so a BIG thank you!!!


Kelly & Tayah J


Hello Deb & Rob, just wanted 2 let u both know that Zena & I got our parcel 2day full of goodies.
Zena sniffed the bag & wouldn’t let it out of her sight as she knew that all her yummy’s were there 4 her 2 gobble on.
She especially loves her dried chicken necks & devoured many with gusto.

Thank u also 4 her extra treats of muffins & biscuits & they 2 were munched.
Yes I will order again when Miss Staffy Princess finishes this lot
Cheers everyone.




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