The Easy Way to Select the Healthiest Treats

Giving your pet a treat – either as a reward or just to show your love – is one of the easiest ways to make him or her happy. As pet owners, a happy pet is one of our top priorities, but it is also our responsibility to keep pets healthy and to safeguard his or her well-being.

So, how do we strike a balance?

Zoe’s Doggy Treats was born of our firmly held belief that the inferior quality proteins, preservatives, salts and chemicals that are in most commercially produced dog treats are detrimental to the dog’s health. They may contribute to many health problems our dogs suffer, including allergies, skin irritation, digestive issues and lack of vitality.

We use only the highest quality Australian products for our dog treats so your dog stays healthy and full of energy for longer.

Take a look at our expert advice on selecting healthy snacks for your animal companion.

When a product is overly processed, it starts to lose its natural benefits. The same is true for dog treats. Look for as few ingredients as possible written in plain, old-fashioned terms you understand, like ‘chicken’ rather than ‘chicken flavouring’. These are the unprocessed, natural ingredients that will benefit your dog’s health in the long run.

When you are at the supermarket or pet store, see the dog treats on the shelf, take a moment to think about the dog treats on display. Do they say they contain real all natural meat ingredients, well if they do than these dog treats will have some form of chemical preservatives in or on them to provide a reasonable shelf life that the retailers require as these may be on the shelves for up to 12 months or even longer? Fresh untreated (or cooked) meat has a very short shelf life as we all know.

We are often told to ‘go for organic’ but why is this and how does it help our pets? Well, organic foods are free from potentially nasty additives and contaminate like chemical sprays. It’s just as good for our pets to avoid these as we endeavour to for ourselves.

At Zoe’s Doggy Treats, pet owners can buy their doggy goodies which are entirely free of preservatives. Also, the treats are homemade and fresh since they are made to order and then packed in a vacuum sealed bags. They are healthy, natural, low in fat and high in protein.

All our protein treats are air-dried, locking in the nutrients and natural flavours for a guilt-free chewy morsel to be enjoyed as a reward for good behaviour, or just because they deserve it.

You can feel good about feeding your pet a snack that is free from hormones, preservatives and added salt.