Natural Treats

 What are Natural Treats,

Natural Treats for dogs should made from a single ingredient. They could be any raw protein/meat that most dogs would typically eat, e.g. beef, chicken, fish or even kangaroo. These proteins contain the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy life. They are the best and healthiest treat you can use to reward your dog for good behaviour or encouragement during training sessions. At Zoe’s, we only make natural dog treats in this trusted way.

Protein Selection

From local farms, fisherman and producers here in the Far North we select the freshest raw meats/proteins available for our range of Natural Dog Treats. By doing this, we can all ways be sure of the quality of the ingredients going into every treat.


Processing starts by removing all of the visible fat then slicing the meat into strips ready for the dehydrating trays. The slow dehydrated treat procedure begins and varies up to 40 hours depending on each protein. Slow drying enhances the rich flavours dogs love while locking in all the rich nutrients needed for a healthy life.


Each product is processed every week ensuring that our natural treats will always be fresh. A few days after the treats processing they arrive at your doorstep via express post. You can’t get any fresher than that.

Availability of our Healthy Dog Treats

No preserving before or after processing means our healthy dog treats will never be available in supermarkets or pet stores. Chemical and “natural preservatives” are often overused causing the flavours of the natural meats to be tainted. Not to mention, the fact they may also be harmful to your pet’s wellbeing.

Caring for Natural Treats

If you do not care about the chemicals that preserve the natural treats you find on the shelves in pet stores and supermarkets. You only want dog treats that you can leave in the cupboard, then Zoe’s Natural Treats are not for you.
However, if you want the healthiest natural dog treats without preservatives and chemicals than Zoe’s will have to be your first choice. They may take that extra bit of care to look after them. But on the positive side, the health benefits will be worth the small effort you take storing them. You know you are doing right when you see the excitement on their face when you hand out a true preservative-free treat.

As we do all the processing in-house, with fresh local ingredients, we assure you that our homemade natural dog treats are:-
1. Australian made.
2. Free of preservatives, salt, colourings and chemicals.
3. The freshest and healthiest dog treats you can buy online.


Hi Deb & Rob,

Wow! I hadn’t realised what was in all the food and treats I have been giving my little Judy the Staffy, she has had some skin issues that I and the vet haven’t been able to resolve and I have tried everything the vet had advised and sold me, however since changing her diet to a more natural and preservative free one Judy is a completely different dog, her skin and fur are normal and she has stopped her constant scratching so I just wanted to say thank you both for your info on crappy dog foods and what goes into them.

Wendy and Judy the Staffy.