Zoe’s Story – A Tale of Destiny and Home-Made Dog Treats – Seriously!

Zoe’s Doggy Treats are delicious; healthy home-made dog treats made primarily to give dogs a little happiness every day. Hand made by passionate dog lovers and created on three essential principles, Zoes Doggy treats philosophies are:

1. To Make Dog Treats Healthy Enough For Every day and Every Dog.

As we only source quality local, nutrient-rich ingredients and prepare them to vet-approved recipes without the use of preservatives, salt and sugars – we guarantee they are healthy enough to treat your dog a little every day.

2. Only Make Tail Wagging Dog Treats

We have developed all of Zoe’s home-made low fat, high protein recipes and natural treats for your dog’s two greatest senses, taste and smell, then extensively tested for quality and maximum enjoyment.

3. Pack Affordable Value into Every Dog Treat!

Because we produce all our premium gourmet dog treats using only locally sourced quality ingredients, we keep our overheads low. So you are buying directly from us (no middlemen), making Zoe’s Doggy Treats are affordable for all “good boys” (and girls).


Pet Treats of Destiny – Zoe’s Story

The Zoe’s Doggy Treats tale is one of destiny…and delicious pet food treats. Thanks to an abandoned young dog named Zoe, Rob and Deb Adams discovered their true calling, and Zoe found a second chance at life with a loving home filled with delicious pet treats. They’re a family destined to be together.

Once upon a long time ago, Zoe’s Doggy Treats founders Deb and Rob lived the hectic Sydney lifestyle complete with the daily grind and passionless jobs. They took the plunge and made a tree change to the breathtaking Atherton Tablelands, home to Queensland’s most amazing tropical forests, the freshest local produce and the ultimate lifestyle. They had the place; now they needed the passion. It came in the form of an abandoned dog. Zoe was left behind by her owners and was all alone living in bushland. Deb and Rob, lifetime dog lovers, took her home and fell in love.

How Zoe’s Pet Food Treats Came To Be

Zoe gave Deb and Rob so much joy that they started preparing her little home-made doggy treats. They were a tail wagging hit! Deb and Rob shared them with other dogs at the park. More tail wagging. Deb and Rob began researching healthy options for dog food treats so they could treat Zoe every day. A few recipes went through testing for dog tail waggability, and Zoe’s Doggy Treats went pro.

Zoe’s Pet Treats Go Pro

Soon Deb and Rob were baking home-made gourmet dog biscuits, liver treats, real meat “mutfins” and producing natural pet food treats for sale at markets across North Queensland and were even getting inquiries about their dog treats online. They did more research and found ways to package for freshness, and suddenly, Zoe’s Dog Treats was a national brand.

All thanks to a lovely dog called Zoe. Zoe helped Deb and Rob find their rightful calling and Deb and Rob helped Zoe find her proper home. Doggie Destiny!

Zoe loves her liver mutfins pet food treats most… and tummy rubs and her daily walks in the park too… but mostly her doggy treats!

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