Zoe’s Story


- Zoe’s Story

One might say it was meant to be…
A story about an abandoned young pup named Zoe that ended in some of the best dog treats money can buy…

It all started when Deb and Rob were no longer happy with the hustle and bustle of Sydney, and they were looking for something different. So they packed up and moved up the coast to the Atherton Tablelands of Far Nth Queensland. This region is famous for its vast tropical rainforests and widespread farmlands filled with fertile volcanic soil. An ideal place to obtain high quality, organic produce and live a healthy, happy life.

As fate would have it, they met an abandoned dog called Zoe. She had been abandoned by her previous owners and had been living alone in the local bushlands. Deb and Rob had always been dog lovers, so after meeting Zoe, they brought her home. Almost instantly, they fell in love and she became part of the family.


Zoe, the newest member of the family brought a new level of love and joy to the family. Deb and Rob obviously enjoyed spoiling Zoe whenever they could, yet it didn’t feel right giving her the widely available, unnatural dog treats when they were living in a place with so much healthy, natural produce. So Deb and Rob started making Zoe their own homemade dog treats, using the very same organic, high quality produce that had become a staple of their own healthy lifestyle. Sure enough, they were a tail wagging hit! And Zoe wasn’t the only dog who loved these homemade treats. The dogs at the local park were soon sampling the treats and the tail-wagging reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

Seeing this massive popularity, Deb and Rob realised they were onto something. So they did some research into optimal dog nutrition, made some tweaks, ran some taste-testing experiments, and came up with the perfect recipes. Finally Zoe’s Doggy Treats was born and these handmade dog treats became available for pooches nationwide.

Handmade by dog lovers for dog lovers. Our three essential aims are

To make the healthiest possible dog treats for all dogs. Enough for every dog, every day.

Using only locally sourced, high quality and nutrient-rich ingredients to create our treats. Using vet-approved recipes and ensuring that there is no added nasty stuff; salts, sugars or preservatives. This way they can be an amazing supplement to your dog’s daily diet.

To make tails wag with our homemade Australian treats.

Making your pup happy is an essential part of our mission. We focus on honing our treats to your dog’s strongest senses: taste and smell. We expect wagging tails, smiling faces, pure doggy joy and we accept nothing less.

To bring major doggy value at affordable prices.

Our overheads are low, thanks to the abundance of locally sourced, high quality ingredients that we have available in the Atherton Tablelands. You buy directly from us, the doggy treats creators (no middle men). This doesn’t just make it highly affordable, but it ensures the highest level of customer service, as you deal directly with us (Deb & Rob).

Zoe’s Doggy Treats become a nationwide brand.

Soon the range exploded. Deb and Rob were were baking homemade gourmet dog biscuits, real meat “mutfins“ and producing a range of preservative-free, 100% natural pet food treats. They began selling their doggy treats at markets across North Queensland, and due to their immense popularity, people started asking about how they could get them online. Deb and Rob perfected the art of packing their treats for maximum freshness, the website started booming, and Zoe’s Doggy Treats became a household name.

And this story all started with an abandoned pooch named Zoe. Not only did Zoe bring a new level of joy and love into the household, she helped Deb and Rob find their calling. Deb and Rob gave Zoe a home and in return she gave Australia some of the finest doggy treats available. Talk about Doggy Destiny!

Among all our treats, Zoe’s favourite are the liver mutfins. She also loves daily walks in the park and belly rubs…but mostly it’s the liver mutfins.

And as Deb and Rob say “If that tail doesn’t wag, we’ll send a new bag!”.

A batch of drie organic chicken gizzards/giblets ready to use as dog treats.