Homemade Dog Biscuits

Dog Biscuits “he doesn’t like them, we’ve bought him some before, and he won’t eat them”. A statement we frequently hear at our weekend markets.
Do you have this problem with the dog treats you buy from Pet Shops? Inferior quality ingredients used in production. Also, the use of preservatives, salt and colourings, may be the reason your dog finds those products undesirable. Then perhaps it’s time you tried homemade dog biscuits that are full of real meat, flavour and goodness.

Who Makes Our Doggy Biscuits?

We do!  At Zoe’s, making all the products we sell, is what we do best. As we all know homemade is better than mass-produced goods! Handcrafted from specially formulated recipes to be sure to appeal to your dog’s most reliable senses, taste and smell. When you buy from Zoe’s, you do so directly with the people who make the dog biscuits.

From Where Do We Source Our Ingredients?

As a family member, your pup deserves healthy, nutritious treats that support their overall wellbeing. Having this in mind, we choose fresh organic ingredients from farms in our local region, here on the Atherton Tablelands. The phrase “Farm-to-Table Dog Biscuits” best describes our commitment to using quality ingredients. While at the same time, we are supporting our local community. You would be happy serving these fresh ingredients to all your family members, both two and four-legged.

What Wholesome Ingredients Do We Use?

Homemade Bone Broth.
Free range eggs( from our Chooks)
Quality raw proteins(Chicken, Beef, Kangaroo meat and Tuna )
Fresh Organic in-season vegetables.
Locally Produced Cheese (Cheese & Vegetable biscuits only)
Tableland Grown Sugar Cane Molasses (Oats & Molasses biscuits only)
A high protein biscuit mix (rice flour & crushed oats and unprocessed bran).
Sunflower oil,

Personal Quality Control

We pride ourselves in producing healthy, homemade dog biscuits that pooches and the people who love them can trust. Baked in small batches every week with all the love and care possible. Hence we can maintain the highest level of control over our products. Direct from our kitchen to yours, so we know they will always be fresh when posted out to our furry friends.

Where Can You Buy Our Doggy Biscuits?

As we create all our tasty preservative and salt-free treats from home, we do not wholesale. Therefore you can only purchase our dog biscuits here online, or from one of the weekend markets, we frequently attend. If you’re lucky enough to live nearby, you can pop in and buy direct from our kitchen. Please call first as we may be out selecting fresh ingredients for our next batch of quality homemade dog biscuits.