A bowl of hand-crafted healthy dog biscuit treats

Zoe’s Monthly Specials

Every month Zoe likes to offer one of her home-made, healthy preservative-free dog treats at a special price. This way every doggy gets there own favourite dog treats at a reduced price. If your dog hasn’t tried this particular treat, then now is the time to buy and save.


November Special

Home-made Variety Doggy Biscuits

Seven different flavours for your pooch to munch on.

All especially hand-crafted with locally sourced ingredients.

Real beef, liver, tuna, kangaroo, cheese, vegetables, organic chicken, molasses, oats, eggs, blended with Zoe’s special high protein flour mix.

Doubled baked for that extra crunch they love.

This month you can purchase these yummy delights at 12.5% off our regular price.

250 gram      $9.40

500 gram      $17.50

750 gram      $26.25

1 kilogram     $32.35

1.5 kilograms $46.55

2 kilograms    $61.25

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