Fish for dogs, locally caught and dehydrated to make a healthy dog treat for all dogs

Zoe’s Monthly Specials

Every month Zoe likes to offer one of her home-made, healthy preservative-free dog treats at a special price. This way every doggy gets there own favourite dog treats at a reduced price. If your dog hasn’t tried this particular treat, then now is the time to buy and save.


Fish For Dogs / August Special

We regularly have this question put to us at our Market Stall, “do dogs eat fish?”

Of course, they do we reply, they love it, and it has vital nutrients for your dog that is not available from other proteins.

So in saying all this, we have decided that August is an excellent time to have Fish as the Monthly Special. For all that have not tried Fish* and for all that have we have reduced the price by 12.5%

2 Kilos……….$118.15

1.5 Kilos…….$89.25

1 kilo ……..…$61.25

750 g.. …… $47.60

500 g.. …..…$32.80

250 g………..$18.60

100 g………..$8.30

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    *Fish species used vary due to seasonal  Government licensing requirements.