Monthly Special

Beef heart sliced and dried for dog treats with no preservatives added

August  Special

Beef Heart (Ox Heart) is a highly nutritious organ meat packed full of essential vitamins and minerals that you should include into your dog’s daily diet.

Dehydrated it is easy to handle and can be used like any other natural dog treat. Used for rewarding good behavior or easily cut into small pieces for training aids. It can also provide a good teeth cleaning chew, especially for the smaller breeds. Dried Beef heart stores well in the fridge or freezer, no need to mess about with the raw product.

For the entire month we have reduced the price of our preservative and salt free Beef Heart by 12.5%

2  Kilos..…..$91.85

1.5 Kilos…..$67.50

1 kilo ………$48.10

500 grms…$26.25

250 grms….$15.30

100 grms….$7.45

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